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Child-friendly Kickboxing

We pride ourselves on our child-friendly classes, where you can feel assured that your child will develop in a relaxed and fun environment whilst gaining the benefits of developing self-discipline and confidence of a martial art.

Parent/Child Classes

Our child-friendly classes are also an opportunity for Mums and Dads to join in and learn with their children, get fit together and practice at home. Our Kingswood and Easton kickboxing classes are split into children and adult groups for part of our training sessions. 

Adult Kickboxing

All our training sessions include adult and children sessions. Adults and older children can do more vigorous training, whilst younger children can receive more specific training for their needs.

kickboxing-competition training for kids
Ollie and Kyle in recent competition

Kickboxing Competition Training

If you want to get into kickboxing competitions, we can train you for your chosen category. 

Learn from Joe Sterling Multiple Title  holder


Our sessions start of with conditioning exercises to build your stamina. We’ will build up your fitness with some circuit training sessions, so you can be fighting fit. We’ll then do a couple of techniques as a whole class, then we split off into children/adult groups (if classes are mixed) for more techniques using pads.

No matter what stage you are we’ll work around your ability in a relaxed fashion, to get your fitness up to a higher level.



Is our head instructor and has been doing various martial arts for 30 years. He is multiple title holder in kickboxing.



Sarg is Multiple title holder in kickboxing and has trained in martial arts for over 30 years. He is senior instructor overlooking the children’s classes.



Kanesha is 3 x European kickboxing champion and one of the instructors overlooking the children’s classes.



Brad is a British kickboxing champion. He also teaches adult’s and children’s classes.





The training day for Kingwood is on a Wednesday, 2 sessions:
 from 7-7.50pm & 8-8.50pm.

Address for Kingswood Club:
The Ministry Of Fitness Gym
Unit 1. 15 Douglas Road
BS15 8NH

The training day for Kingwood is on a Wednesday’s from 7pm-8pm.

The days for training in Easton are Monday’s and Thursday’s from 7pm- 8pm.


The days for training in Easton are:
Mondays: 7pm- 8pm

Thursdays: 6.45-7.45pm & 7.45-8.45pm

Address for the Easton Club:
Newton Hall Street
Newton Street

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Get in Touch and come along to your FREE taster session

CALL US ON 07767636711